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Review & How-To - McKee's 37 Leather Lotion

If I had five bucks for every time someone showed me cracked, worn leather seats and asked if there was a product that would fix them I'd have around $5000.00 - And "yes" that works out to 1000 people. The point being is that leather problems are common as cars get older and see normal wear-n-tear.

The answer however isn't to wait until you see visible wear but to be pro-active right from the get-go and take the sage advice given to me years ago from a friend and Paint Instructor for PPG and that is to,

"Find something you like and use it often"

The point being, if you have a vehicle with leather interior, RIGHT NOW while the leather is in good shape find a product you like and start using it on a regular basis to clean, condition and protect it.

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How to remove SMOKER'S FILM off of inside of Windshield with BLACKFIRE

I don't do windows...
Yeah I know, that saying is an old cliché that comes from Maids in the house cleaning industry. And the truth is I actually do clean windows when detailing cars but the plain fact of the matter is... like most of you... I don't like cleaning windows. At least not the inside windows.


Because when it comes to the front and back windows you have to some kind of contortionist to move your body around in the car in a way to navigate your arms and hands into just the right positions to effectively clean the windows and not leave any streaks. (that's two things).

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