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Review & How-To - Wolfgang Total Engine Cleaner

I know from years of teaching car detailing classes that most people are wary of detailing their car's engine and engine bay due to the common perception that it's either difficult or dangerous and usually both. The fact is when doing this type of work if you're not careful and if you are using a traditional degreaser, then you could run into trouble.

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Review & How-To - Wolfgang Bug Remover Spritz

Wolfgang Bug Remover Spritz is the newest product to bear the Wolfgang logo, and it's a damn good one too. If you think it's just another bug remover, think again. Thanks to advanced German chemistry, we've managed to develop a bug remover that contains a special enzyme that targets the bug guts, and not the underlying wax coating. What does this mean for you? Well, it's quite simple actually. Wolfgang Bug Remover Spritz removes the bug splatter, not the wax!

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Before & After Pictures - 1996 BMW Z3 & Nissan Altima

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